Kopitok Vision Statement
Kopitok is not all about the cafe. It is a company which headquartered in Kangar, Perlis. Our vision is to become a retail industry that can provide everything for people all around the world whether online or offline. The meaning behind “provide everything” means Kopitok not only offer products or services but we also provide a career opportunity for all people outside without discrimination. This is what we think, we want to decrease the unemployment rate in the future and at the same time strive to offer something valuable to people.

Kopitok Mission Statement
Currently, we are operating and Kopitok Cafe. So, our mission will be divided into two parts. The first part is for our e-commerce platform which is and the second part is for Kopitok Cafe. For, we strive hard to be the best player in online shopping website. will offer products from local and also from other countries in order to meet customer’s satisfaction. Meanwhile, Kopitok Cafe mission is to offer the best food and to be the first place in customer’s heart.

About Kopitok
Since KOPITOK Café opened in 2016 in Kangar, Perlis, we’ve desired to produce the best, and make us keep trying to give something special to all customers of KOPITOK. KOPITOK Café is the result of our CEO’s visionary leadership where he focused on helping his nation to live in a better life. Today’s, we’re growing to become an industry where people can find everything here.

The Story Behind The Name
The KOPITOK name is the combination of the word Kopi (Coffee) with the first word from the names of KOPITOK founder; Mohd Syahrizan, village, TOK KUNING (TOK). So that’s how he comes out with the name KOPITOK.

The Road To Kopitok Cafe
One day, Mohd Syahrizan’s mom said that she had drunk a bad coffee at some of the cafés in a town. Then, he thought about why it tasted bad and he must do some research on it. So, he tried to search all types of coffee powder around Perlis and Kedah. Luckily, he found one’s owner that sells a delicious coffee powder in Baling, Kedah. From that, he was helping the owner to sell the coffee powder in Perlis. However, there were few that are not sold out. So, he bought some of the coffee powder and started a business at a small store in 2014. That’s how the KOPITOK started from a small store to a café that can fit around 40 people at one time.

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Kopitok Team
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